Safety Tips For Responsible Dog Owners

1. Your dog should be crated and/or confined when the newspaper, or a delivery of any kind is expected.
2. Crate you dog before answering the door bell.
3. Keep your dog confined in your own yard & under your supervision. It is never a good idea to tie a dog on a running line. Tying a dog can cause aggression, they can break their line, children can get caught in the line and be seriously hurt. Other animals and people can get to your dog. If you must tie your dog, never leave your dog unattended.
4. Take collars off if two of more dogs are playing together.
5. Teach your dog to do a sit stay before going in or out of doorways.
6. Dogs running loose in the county are in just as much danger or more as dogs who live in the city.
7. Choke collars and prong collars are never to be left on dogs unattended.
8. Dogs should not be transported in the backs of trucks without being secured.
9. It is very dangerous for dogs to ride in vehicles with their heads sticking out of the window.
10. Never leave dogs or children unsupervised.
11. Never leave puppies and adult dogs unsupervised.
12. Don’t leave dogs in parked cars on hot humid days, they will over heat and can die.