Clean your Pet's teeth without going to the Vet.
100% All Natural and safe for all breeds of dogs & cats!

Life for Teeth spray and Brush Away gel are revolutionary award winning products that thousands of satisfied customers agree not only remove plaque and tarter but also kill bacteria on contact, the main cause of bad breath in cats and dogs.
Life for Teeth Spray removes plaque and tarter, kills bacteria on contact, and at the same time improves Kitty and Doggy Breath! 450 sprays per bottle • Price: $21.95
Brush Away Gel works even faster than our spray to remove plaque and tarter, also kills bacteria on contact, an as a bonus bad breath is eliminated! • Price: $24.95
The Better Pet Toothbrush - 3 separate, flexible heads surround each tooth to sweep away plaque and debris, while massaging and cleaning the gum tissue. Foam grip allows you to maintain a firm hold on the brush. Measures 6.75 • Price: $5.00
Buy ALL 3 Items for only $45