We have always loved animals and through the years have shared our home with many dogs, cats and even birds. Our first purebred dog was a Lhasa Apso, then we got a Siberian Husky, Samoyeds and we now have Belgian Tervuren. Through the years we have also gotten personal experience with many other breeds of dogs.

Echo a Siberian Husky was the dog that got us started in the world of dog training and showing. Together we earned her American/Canadian UD by the time she was 4 and 1/2 years old. Echo taught me to persevere even when the going got tough. She also taught me to problem solve. Working with Echo made me realize how much I loved the sport of training and showing. Echo loved showing too. She was born a clown and I never knew what she might do in the ring next, making us all laugh on numerous occasions. She definitely taught me not to take things so seriously.

My next dog was Dezi, my first Belgian Tervuren. Dezi was my greatest teacher, she taught me to slow down, to learn how to read a dog and become totally aware of the surroundings. She taught me to appreciate small successes. If it weren't for Echo and Dezi we would not be doing what we truly enjoy and that is teaching and learning every day.

Pete got started showing when he wanted to train Echo after he saw how she was doing; I told him that he needed his own dog, so he started working with the Lhasa. The next show we went to was Minneapolis Kennel Club when it was still a Bench show, and I saw Pete standing by the Samoyed ring. Pete got a very nice Samoyed (Mystique) that earned her American/Canadian U.D. in a short time. Mystique was also the 2nd Samoyed in the nation to earn a Working certificate for all of her hours visiting the nursing home.